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Vehicle Rates

New Vehicles


YearTermsDaily Periodic Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate Base
Up To 840.008219%-0.047260%3.00%-17.25%7.25%
Up To 720.008219%-0.044520%3.00%-16.25%6.25%
Up To 600.008219%-0.041095%3.00%-15.00%5.00%
Up To 480.008219%-0.039726%3.00%-14.50%4.75%
Risk Based Pricing
Used Vehicles
YearTermsDaily Periodic Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate Base
2011-2017Up To 840.008904%-0.045890%3.25%-16.75%6.75%
Up To 720.008904%-0.043150%3.25%-15.75%5.75%
Up To 600.008904%-0.040410%3.25%-14.75%4.75%
2006-2010Up To 840.010274%-0.049315%3.75%-18.00%8.75%
Up To 720.008904%-0.048630%3.25%-17.75%7.75%
Up To 600.008904%-0.045890%3.25%-16.75%6.75%

Recreational Vehicle

Motorcycle, Boat and Camper New Rates
YearTermsDaily Periodic Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate Base
Up To 1440.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%9.00%
Up To 1200.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%9.00%
Up To 840.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%8.50%
Up To 720.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%8.00%
Up To 600.011644%-0.042465%4.25%-15.50%5.50%

Motorcycle, Boat and Camper Used Rates
YearTermsDaily Periodic Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate RangeAnnual Percentage Rate Base
2010-2016Up To 1440.013698%-0.049315%5.00%-18.00%10.00%
Up To 1200.013698%-0.049315%5.00%-18.00%10.00%
Up To 840.012328%-0.049315%4.50%-18.00%9.50%
Up To 720.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%9.00%
Up To 600.011644%-0.045205%4.25%-16.50%6.50%
2005-2009Up To 1440.016438%-0.049315%6.00%-18.00%11.00%
Up To 1200.016438%-0.049315%6.00%-18.00%11.00%
Up To 840.015068%-0.049315%5.50%-18.00%10.50%
Up To 720.013698%-0.049315%5.00%-18.00%10.00%
Up To 600.011644%-0.047945%4.25%-17.50%7.50%
OlderUp To 840.016438%-0.049315%6.00%-18.00%11.00%
Up To 720.015068%-0.049315%5.50%-18.00%10.50%
Up To 600.011644%-0.049315%4.25%-18.00%8.00%

Mortgage Rates

  • Home Equity Line of Credit
    • Variable Rate tied to Prime Rate (floor of 4.00%)
    • Discount of .50% if credit score is over 700 at approval
    • Variable rate, may change annually starting January 1st
  • Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage
    • 5 years: 4.99%
    • 10 years: 5.40%
    • 15 years: 5.10%
Payment Example 1

Payment $18.86 per $1,000 financed
for a 60 month term at 4.99 % APR*

Payment Example 2

Payment $10.80 per $1,000 financed
for a 120 month term at 5.40 % APR*

Payment Example 3

Payment $7.96 per $1,000 financed
for a 180 month term at 5.10 % APR*


Land Rates


Five Year Fixed Land Loans, Rate 6.75%
Rural land up to 65% Loan to Value
Sub Division up to 80% Loan to Value
Maximum acreage 5 acres
Must have direct road access to a public road
Property location must be in South Carolina or Georgia

Payment Example

Payment $19.69 per $1,000 financed
for a 60 month term at 6.75 % APR*

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available for a term up to 48 months, at a Daily Periodic Rate (DPR) Range of: 0.022602%-0.049315%, an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Range of: 8.25%-18.00% with an APR base of: 13.25%.

Other Rates

Overdraft Line of Credit

Rate is 18.00%

Share Secured Loans

Rate is 2.10% when secured by Primary Savings.

Certificate Secured Loans – Certificate Secured (Variable Rate) – The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for advances secured by Share Certificate will be equal to the Dividend Rate being paid on the Share Certificates offered as security (Index Value) plus a Margin of 2.00%. The Share Certificate must be continuously renewed until the advance has been completely repaid. Failure to renew will result in a default under this plan. When the Share Certificate is renewed the APR will change to reflect the new Index Value and Margin. Any increase or decrease in the APR will affect the number of payments you will make under the account. Any increase in the APR will result in more payments of the same amount until what you owe has been repaid. The APR and the Daily Periodic Rate (DPR) will be disclosed on the Receipt, Voucher or Disbursement Receipt provided at the time of the advance.

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