Electronic Services

Online Banking

Enroll in Online Banking to monitor your account balances, review transactions, or transfer funds. You can view and print check copies, enroll in E-Statements or E-Notices, and so much more!

Bill Pay

With Upstate FCU Bill Pay you can pay any company or person you owe. You can also request and receive money from a person or group.

  • Pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. We send the money electronically whenever we can. If the person or company can't accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.

  • Review your payments and bills for the past 84 months in Activity. Also review requests you sent.

  • Transfer money from one account to another.

  • eBills: Save a trip to the mailbox or another website to get your bills. Some of your bills can be delivered right in Upstate FCU Bill Pay. You can view your eBills in Payment Center and pay them with a few simple clicks. You decide how much you want to pay and when you want to send the payment.

  • AutoPay: You can set up automatic payments to be sent according to a schedule you set. You can change or cancel AutoPay any time.


PopMoney is a service within Bill Pay that allows you to move money directly between your bank account and someone else’s. It works with virtually any bank or credit union. You can request to receive a payment from or send a payment to any individual. You simply need the person’s email address or phone number.

You tell us who you want to pay or receive payment from, as well as how much you want to pay or receive and when. The individual is notified by email or text that there is a payment or payment request being made to them, which includes instructions on how to send or receive and deposit the funds.

The money is deposited in as little as 1-3* business days. *Delivery is based on the rush option you select when sending the funds.

  • Activation of Popmoney -- Free

  • Send Money (Standard Delivery) -- Starts at $0.50

  • Send Money (Rush Delivery) -- Starts at $0.85

  • Receive Money -- Free **Must have access to Online Bill Pay to utilize Popmoney

Mobile App & Mobile Deposits

Download our mobile app to monitor your account balances, transfer funds, review transactions, and deposit checks. It's fast, secure, convenient, and free!

Deposit Checks in to your account using our Mobile Banking App. It’s as easy as Tap, Snap, and Deposit. Tap the app, snap a picture of the front and back your check, and deposit the funds into your account.

Checks must be endorsed with your signature and also include the words “For UFCU Mobile Deposit Only”.
Check deposits are limited to $1,000 per check, up to $3,000 daily.


Manage your debit card usage through your mobile device by defining when, where, and how your card is used. You manage the risk by turning your card “on” or “off” when you are not using it. You can choose to receive alerts when your card is used. CardValet offers fraud protection, helps you control spending, and also allows you to review balances and transactions at any time.