Our History


Our Honea Path office went through a renovation that doubled the size of the office. Also, we relocated our Administration center to 123 Broadbent Way in Anderson S.C.


Relocated our Anderson branch to 910 Whitehall Road in Anderson, S.C.


Our branch located inside the Electrolux Major Appliance Plant moved to a new location at 4805 Highway 81 South in Starr, S.C.


Opened our Williamston Branch located at 4 Roberts Blvd in Williamston, S.C.


Opened our branch office at the Electrolux Major Appliance Plant in Anderson, S.C. & purchased our Administration Center located at 207 E. Highland Ave in Anderson, S.C.


Received our community charter allowing us to serve Anderson & Abbeville Counties.


Opened our Honea Path Branch located at 430 N. Main Street in Honea Path S. C. serving the Town of Honea Path, Timken, & SAPA Aluminum Plant.


Moved from the original credit union building to 1303 N. Murray Ave. in Anderson, S.C.


Converted from a state to a federal charter and our name became Upstate Federal Credit Union.


Name was changed to Upstate Credit Union & we expanded our charter to include select employee groups.


Bought our first building located at 103 Dixie Drive at Watson Village in Anderson, S.C.


Chartered as Orr Mill Credit Union by the South Carolina Banking Commission serving employees of Orr Mill. A few months later the charter was amended to include Orr Lyons I & II, Chiquola Mill, & the Joseph Lyons Plant.